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                      MacProVideo.com Logic Pro 8 Pack

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                      MacProVideo com Logic Pro 8 Pack
                      MacProVideo.com Logic Pro 8 Tutorials Pack | 20.05GB

                      MacProVideo com Logic Pro 8 Pack

                      All the videos are from MacProVideo.com and are tutorials for Logic Pro 8. Quicktime format (except for the ISO/DMG which can be mounted and then you can find the videos within the folders, may require the NED player to watch, direct download here: http://www.macprovideo.com/MPV/NED_3-Mac.zip or just use vlc)

                      Watch as Martin Sitter shows you how to build a song from the ground-up using Logic. This tutorial is produced by Apple's Original Logic Courseware designer!

                      This pack included:
                      101 - Core Logic 8
                      102 - ESX24
                      103 - Sound and Why It Sounds That Way
                      105 - Logics Environment Explored
                      201 - Steve H's Logic Master Class #1
                      204 - Ultrabeat Unleashed
                      205 - Synthesis with Sculpture
                      206 - ES2 Exposed
                      303 - TNT1
                      303 - TNT2 (Tips & Tricks) November & Cameo
                      303 - TNT2 October 2008
                      305 - WaveBurner
                      401 - Logic's Mastering Toolbox
                      403 - Mixing RnB
                      404 - Mixing Electronica

                      MacProVideo com Logic Pro 8 Pack

                      MacProVideo com Logic Pro 8 Pack

                      MacProVideo com Logic Pro 8 Pack

                      MacProVideo com Logic Pro 8 Pack

                      MacProVideo com Logic Pro 8 Pack

                      MacProVideo com Logic Pro 8 Pack

                      [Directly Download] MacProVideo.com Logic Pro 8 Pack!

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                      Download "MacProVideo.com Logic Pro 8 Pack"


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