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                      Mindjet MindManager 2019 v19.0.304 Multilingual

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                      Mindjet MindManager 2019 v19 0 304 Multilingual
                      Mindjet MindManager 2019 v19.0.304 Multilingual | File Size: 226.9/226.7 MB

                      MindManager makes it easier to think, plan, and communicate. Information is invaluable. But it's also overwhelming. MindManager puts you in command of the information surrounding your work, business and world - instead of controlled, confused or overwhelmed by it.

                      MindManager 2018 for Windows
                      The World's Most Powerful Mind Mapping Software

                      - Turn mental & digital clutter into actionable clarity
                      - Work like your brain does: quickly & dynamically
                      - See the big picture and little details in one view
                      - Stop things from falling through the cracks
                      - And more!

                      See Everything
                      Built-in sync with the tools you use every day, plus available integration with 800+ apps, gives you one-stop access to all the information that matters.

                      Share Everywhere
                      With improved HTML5 export, you can easily share your maps and create alignment with just about anyone - on your team, in your org and beyond.

                      Customize Your View
                      Make your maps communicate exactly what you need, with new capabilities like Timeline layout, more powerful filtering, easier navigation and walk-through mode.

                      Work at the speed of mind.
                      Rigid, linear tools can leave your best thinking on the table. MindManager lets your brain work with information the way it was designed to - fast & dynamically - so you don't lose a single brilliant insight or critical detail.

                      - Quickly break main concepts into smaller details, while keeping connections simple and clear.
                      - Add detail and context to tasks as you create them, without stepping out of the flow.
                      - Rearrange or replicate information with simple drag & drop.

                      Take the devil out of the details.
                      Productivity isn't productive if you're working on the wrong things. MindManager shows your tasks, ideas, data and detail in a shared context, so you immediately see what's relevant, what should be prioritized and what you can let go.

                      - Uncover hidden connections between topics, tasks and data.
                      - Eliminate redundancies, identify risks and uncover opportunities.
                      - Make better decisions by seeing the downstream impact of actions before you take them.

                      Seal your communication cracks.
                      Disjointed email chains, unproductive meetings and misalignment are project killers. MindManager lets you consolidate all information related to a project, plan or concept into one central, shared portal that keeps your team on task, on time and most importantly, on the same page.

                      - Transparently communicate ownership, priorities, deadlines and more.
                      - Visually connect related and dependent action items, to eliminate redundancy and encourage collaboration.
                      - View projects by resource, tasks, timeline, in Gantt charts and more for visibility into progress, status, red flags and risks.

                      See your world in a single glance.
                      Knowledge is only power if you can access it.
                      MindManager integrates scattered data into a single, structured dashboard and presents it as a unified whole, so everything is connected and accounted for, it all makes sense and it all gets done.

                      - Sync related data from Microsoft Office files, content repositories and over 800 apps.
                      - Easily add, correlate and view files, images, links, media and more - for consolidated control over your day, work and world.
                      - Fluidly change the information you're seeing or showing, without switching windows or splitting screens.

                      RELEASE NOTES:

                      Supported Operating Systems:
                      - Microsoft? Windows? 10 32-bit and 64-bit
                      - Microsoft? Windows? 8 and 8.1, 32-bit and 64-bit
                      - Microsoft? Windows? 7 Service Pack 1, 32-bit and 64-bit


                      Mindjet MindManager 2019 v19 0 304 Multilingual

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