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                      AddedLatest Added eBooks:

                      1. 2019-03-12Lynda CompTIA Serverplus (SK0-004) Cert Prep 1 Server Administration-XQZT
                      2. 2019-03-12Lynda Compassionate Directness-ZH
                      3. 2019-03-12Lynda Competitive and Market Analysis for Product Managers-ZH
                      4. 2019-03-12Modern Developments in X-Ray and Neutron Optics
                      5. 2019-03-12Lynda Compositing Text and Video in After Effects-ZH
                      6. 2019-03-12Japan's Imperial Underworlds Intimate Encounters at the Borders of Empire
                      7. 2019-03-12Lynda Computer Literacy For Mac March 2018-RiDWARE
                      8. 2019-03-12Lynda Configuration Manager Configure and Maintain a Management Infrastructure-XQZT
                      9. 2019-03-12Modern Measurements Fundamentals and Applications
                      10. 2019-03-12Lynda Consulting Foundations Building Your Sales System-ZH
                      11. 2019-03-12Modern Technology and the Human Future A Christian Appraisal
                      12. 2019-03-12Lynda Content Marketing How to Podcast-ZH
                      13. 2019-03-12Molecular Organic Materials From Molecules to Crystalline Solids
                      14. 2019-03-12Lynda Copyright for Creatives Protecting Your Work-XQZT
                      15. 2019-03-12Lynda Create a CRM Mobile Application with React Native-XQZT
                      16. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating Accessible PDFs-XQZT
                      17. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating Art with Your Desktop Scanner-XCODE
                      18. 2019-03-12Mormonism A Very Short Introduction
                      19. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating Online Video with the iPhone-ZH
                      20. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating Reports in Word 2016-XQZT
                      21. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating Screen Capture Training-ZH
                      22. 2019-03-12Morning Food Breakfasts, Brunches and More for Savoring the Best Part of the Day
                      23. 2019-03-12Motion Estimation Techniques for Digital Video Coding
                      24. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating Your First RESTful Spring Boot Microservice with JPA-RiDWARE
                      25. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating a BIM Execution Plan-XQZT
                      26. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating a Culture of Change-ZH
                      27. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating a Keynote Presentation-XQZT
                      28. 2019-03-12Multi-Photon Quantum Interference
                      29. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating a Mobile App Interface in After Effects May 2018-XQZT
                      30. 2019-03-12Multibody Dynamics Computational Methods and Applications
                      31. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating a Short Film 08 Editing-ZH
                      32. 2019-03-12Multiple Regression and Beyond, 3 edition
                      33. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating an Online Video Ad 1 Writing Production and Shooting-ZH
                      34. 2019-03-12NASA's Scientist-Astronauts
                      35. 2019-03-12Lynda Creating an Online Video Ad 2 Editing Uploading and Marketing-ZH
                      36. 2019-03-12Nanotechnology Assessment and Perspectives
                      37. 2019-03-12Lynda Cultivating a Growth Mindset-ZH
                      38. 2019-03-12Lynda Customer Development for Product Managers-ZH
                      39. 2019-03-12Lynda Customer Service Foundations-ZH
                      40. 2019-03-12Natural Resources and Economic Growth Learning from History
                      41. 2019-03-12Lynda Customer Service Strategy-ZH
                      42. 2019-03-12Lynda CySA Cert Prep 1 Threat Management-XQZT
                      43. 2019-03-12Lynda CySA Cert Prep 4 Security Governance-XQZT
                      44. 2019-03-12Lynda CySA Cert Prep 5 Identity and Access Management-XQZT
                      45. 2019-03-12Naval Aviation in the Korean War Aircraft, Ships, and Men
                      46. 2019-03-12Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook International-Inland
                      47. 2019-03-12Lynda CySA Cert Prep The Basics-XQZT
                      48. 2019-03-12New Developments in Biological and Chemical Terrorism Countermeasures
                      49. 2019-03-12Lynda Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses Essential Training-XQZT
                      50. 2019-03-12Lynda DaVinci Resolve Editing Basics-XQZT
                      51. 2019-03-12Lynda Data Science Foundations Python Scientific Stack-XQZT
                      52. 2019-03-12Lynda Data Science Tools of the Trade First Steps-XQZT
                      53. 2019-03-12North Pole Nature and Culture
                      54. 2019-03-12Lynda Data Science on Google Cloud Platform Designing Data Warehouses-XQZT
                      55. 2019-03-12OMICS-Based Approaches in Plant Biotechnology
                      56. 2019-03-12Lynda Data Visualization Best Practices-XQZT
                      57. 2019-03-12Lynda Data Visualization Storytelling and Information Design A Lesson and Listen Series-ZH
                      58. 2019-03-12Lynda Data-Driven Presentations with Excel and PowerPoint 2016-XQZT
                      59. 2019-03-12Lynda Database Clinic MySQL-XQZT
                      60. 2019-03-12Lynda Database Clinic Neo4J-XQZT
                      61. 2019-03-12Lynda Database Clinic SQLite-XQZT
                      62. 2019-03-12P-Adic L-Functions and P-Adic Representations
                      63. 2019-03-12Paediatric Orthopaedics A System of Decision-Making, Second Edition
                      64. 2019-03-12Lynda Deep Learning Face Recognition-RiDWARE
                      65. 2019-03-12Lynda Delivering Video to Facebook Live-ZH
                      66. 2019-03-12Lynda Deploying Scalable Machine Learning for Data Science-XQZT
                      67. 2019-03-12Lynda Design a High-Impact Sell Sheet-ZH
                      68. 2019-03-12Lynda Design an Italic Typeface-XQZT
                      69. 2019-03-12Lynda Designing Emotion How To Use Design To Move People-ZH
                      70. 2019-03-12Lynda Designing a Mobile Purchase Process Flow with Sketch-XQZT
                      71. 2019-03-12Lynda Designing a Resume for Creatives-SHEPHERDS
                      72. 2019-03-12Lynda Designing an Animated App UI with Illustrator-XQZT
                      73. 2019-03-12Lynda Designing an Onboarding Experience with Invision and Sketch-SHEPHERDS

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