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                      作者 / 讀者 / 時間最近瀏覽 商業 類電子圖書:

                      1. 0 / 21:40Making Sense of Change Management: A Complete Guide to the Models, Tools & Techniques of Organizational Change (repost)
                      2. 0 / 21:40Gehaltssysteme erfolgreich gestalten: IT-unterstützte Lohn- und Gehaltsfindung (Repost)
                      3. 0 / 21:40Risk Management for Computer Security: Protecting Your Network & Information Assets [Repost]
                      4. 0 / 21:40Hedge Fund Modelling and Analysis using MATLAB
                      5. 0 / 21:39100 Minuten für konstruktive Teamarbeit: Gemeinsam erfolgreich! (Repost)
                      6. 142 / 21:39Global Sourcing im Handel: Wie Modeunternehmen erfolgreich beschaffen
                      7. 0 / 21:39Berufsziel Life Sciences: Ein Karriere-Wegweiser (repost)
                      8. 0 / 21:39Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach (4th Edition) (Repost)
                      9. 0 / 21:39Aerospace Marketing Management: A Handbook for the Entire Value Chain [Repost]
                      10. 0 / 21:39Missing Pieces: 7 Ways to Improve Employee Well-Being and Organizational Effectiveness (repost)

                      作者 / 讀者Top10 商業 電子圖書:

                      1. 1839Contractual Correspondence for Architects and Project Managers
                      2. 1204Project Scheduling: A Research Handbook (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science)
                      3. 1054The Organizational Engineering Approach to Project Management: The Revolution in Building and Managing Effective Teams
                      4. by Kieso, Donald E., Weygandt, Jerry J., and Warfiel, Terry D. / 985[request_ebook] Intermediate Accounting, 12th Edition
                      5. by Horgren, Charles T., Foster, George and Datar, Srikant M. / 965[request_ebook] Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis 12th Edition
                      6. 945Financial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide, 3rd Edition
                      7. 881The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook
                      8. by Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, and Alan J. Marcus / 875[request_ebook] Student Solutions Manual to accompany Investments 7th Edition
                      9. 870Active Portfolio Management: A Quantitative Approach for Producing Superior Returns and Controlling Risk
                      10. 836International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS 2008

                      添加時間最新添加 商業 eBooks:

                      1. 2018-10-24Innovation Management And New Product Development
                      2. 2018-10-06Administración de Pymes (Spanish Edition)
                      3. 2017-09-29Visualizing Financial Data
                      4. 2016-05-02Internet Marketing & SEO Collection Part 3
                      5. 2014-06-19Micro Markets Workbook: A Market Structure Approach to Microeconomic Analysis (repost)
                      6. 2014-06-19Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2009: Business, Electronic, Consumer and Political Trends (repost)
                      7. 2014-06-19Turning to Business for Support: How to Increase Gift Support From Businesses and Corporations (repost)
                      8. 2014-06-19128 Recognition Ideas for Donors, Volunteers and Members, 2nd Edition (repost)
                      9. 2014-06-19115 Winning Ideas to Improve Your Media Relations Efforts (repost)
                      10. 2014-06-19Startup Leadership: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Their Ideas Into Successful Enterprises
                      11. 2014-06-19New Firm Creation in the United States: Initial Explorations with the PSED II Data Set (repost)
                      12. 2014-06-19Entheos Academy - Upgrade Your Productivity with Abel James (2014)
                      13. 2014-06-19The Human Side of Outsourcing: Psychological Theory and Management Practice (repost)
                      14. 2014-06-19Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams, 3rd edition
                      15. 2014-06-19The World Heroin Market: Can Supply Be Cut? (Studies in Crime and Public Policy) (repost)
                      16. 2014-06-19Innovation in Action: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Teams (repost)
                      17. 2014-06-19How to Manage Your GP Practice, 2 edition (repost)
                      18. 2014-06-19Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle: How to Manage the People Side of Projects (repost)
                      19. 2014-06-19Cracking the New Job Market: The 7 Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy (repost)
                      20. 2014-06-19Selling to The New Elite: Discover the Secret to Winning Over Your Wealthiest Prospects (repost)
                      21. 2014-06-19Mortgage Confidential: What You Need to Know That Your Lender Won't Tell You, Second Edition (repost)
                      22. 2014-06-19Instructional Design for Action Learning (repost)
                      23. 2014-06-18The Body Code 2.0 System Prelaunch
                      24. 2014-06-18Plan to Turn Your Company Around in 90 Days: How to Restore Positive Cash Flow and Profitability (repost)
                      25. 2014-06-18Plan Your Financial Future: A Comprehensive Guidebook to Growing Your Net Worth (repost)
                      26. 2014-06-18The Etiquette Advantage in Business, Third Edition: Personal Skills for Professional Success
                      27. 2014-06-18Onboard Yourself: What to Do After You Land Your Dream Job
                      28. 2014-06-18Preventing Corporate Corruption: The Anti-Bribery Compliance Model
                      29. 2014-06-18Compete Smarter, Not Harder: A Process for Developing the Right Priorities Through Strategic Thinking
                      30. 2014-06-18Aligning Organizations Through Measurement: The GQM Strategies Approac
                      31. 2014-06-18Merchants of Culture: The Publishing Business in the Twenty-First Century, 2 edition
                      32. 2014-06-18Starmanager: Medienprominenz, Reputation und Vergütung von Top-Managern [Repost]
                      33. 2014-06-18Wealth Doesn't Last 3 Generations: How Family Businesses Can Maintain Prosperity (repost)
                      34. 2014-06-18Technological Know-How, Organizational Capabilities, And Strategic Management (repost)
                      35. 2014-06-18John Lee Dumas - Podcasters Paradise
                      36. 2014-06-18Getting Started with BizTalk Services
                      37. 2014-06-18Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 Services
                      38. 2014-06-17Mind Control Marketing
                      39. 2014-06-17Patterns of Personality
                      40. 2014-06-17E-commerce Platform Acceptance: Suppliers, Retailers, and Consumers


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